International customs regulations in e-commerce

FLEX. will help you streamline customs clearance in the European Union. Our local customs brokerage consultants can help you deal with bureaucratic burdens and avoid delays.

Customs duty is a commonly used term in international shipping and refers to any customs duties, tariffs or taxes levied on goods in connection with their exportation and importation through the customs frontiers of a country. These costs may vary depending on the type of product and your country. They are an additional fee that must be paid in addition to the payment for the shipment of goods. Each country has its own guidelines and customs regulations. No matter what you send, our web tools will tell you what to expect.

Who pays duties, fees or taxes?

When your goods arrive at the border inspection post of the EU, your shipment will be charged duties, tariffs or taxes that must be paid before it is delivered to its destination. Depending on the quantity or value of your goods and where the shipment was delivered, these costs may be zero.

The obligation to pay customs duties is often agreed in advance in the terms of sale between the sender and the recipient of the shipment.

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