Digitalization to help e-commerce supply chains

Digitalization in the supply chain as a must-have for online retailers looking to grow and compete over the long-term. Specific logistics challenges within the e-commerce supply chain can be overcome with the support of new technologies.

Electronic data from a commercial invoice

Courier companies need both commercial invoice data and shipment data delivered together electronically. Thus, the customs clearance process can start immediately, with great benefits in terms of service quality and lead time:

  • complete and accurate customs declaration with minimal human involvement,
  • fast automated customs clearance processes for both export and import,
  • even better quality of service, made possible by the fact that goods can now be cleared through customs before their arrival,
  • full compliance with customs regulations,
  • the possibility of carrying out a risk assessment (e.g. identification of dangerous goods) prior to the arrival of the goods.

Why is it important?

By electronically sending your shipment and Commercial Invoice items data, you avoid any incorrect or missing information that could delay the customs clearance process.

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