Brexit disruption – exporting to the UK – requirements as of 1 Jan 2022

Customs regulation changes a lot due to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, which means that you need to formally empower a local agent to act on your behalf as a customs representative. This applies to all declarations, and not just for any post-Brexit EU imports or exports. This is required in the form of a written document with your company’s letterhead.

We want to make sure that your goods keep moving and you play an important role in this. You, as the exporter to the UK, should provide the following information to make sure you are able to clear the customs on your export/import shipments:

  • A completed Letter of Authorization for the customs agency to act on your behalf and to submit shipment data to the UK HMRC customs system for a 12-month period. Without this 12-month authorization, we must obtain authorization for each individual shipment, which might lead to possible delays.
  • Complete import customs data set (e.g. HS code, country of origin, Incoterms, etc.) and all documentation (e.g. invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, etc.) associated with the shipment.
  • Your EORI EU and GB EORI as well as VAT EU and VAT UK numbers.
  • Your email address to validate the import customs data set (if required).

You can mitigate the risk of border disruption. Get ready and make sure to provide all the necessary information/paperwork correctly and on time.

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